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Things to Consider When Planning Your Next Board Meeting

Planning board meetings for your organization can seem customary when you have been leading and arranging events for an extended amount of time. However, it is important that you never lose sight of the basic elements of creating a meeting space that is helpful toward achieving your goals and keeping your team engaged with key topics. Here is our list for the top 5 things for you to remember when planning your next board meeting: 


1. Secure a Top Notch Location

The first thing to consider when you are planning an event or meeting is the environment in which you will be hosting your board of directors. It is important that you secure a space that is convenient, promotes good communication, and fits any specific needs of your organization.

Travel Time

You should keep in mind the travel time of your board members for their convenience. Pick a location that will be central to where the board members currently work/live so that they feel refreshed for the day of the meeting. When you book your next event at KCI Expo Center you will find that there is not only ease with the airport centrally located to your space, but also many hotels and restaurants. The Kansas City International airport proudly services all major U.S. air carriers with an average of 400 flights daily and free shuttle services. This makes it easy for directors and teams to get exactly where they need to be. 

Size Of The Space

With any event space, you also need to make sure that the size of the space matches the size of your group well. Taking into thought size will show board members that you are organized and professional on the day of the meeting. This will also allow for successful communication on the day of your board meeting. When looking at events and meeting spaces it may be possible for you to tour the facilities ahead of time. This may be a good option for you if it is done in advance.

Catering Options

Another specific need to consider when reserving your meeting space might include available catering options for the meeting. KCI event and meeting services take pride in their “Best in the Industry” food and beverage services provided by Heart of America catering. With this partnership, event and meeting directors will find a wide selection of catering packages and options. Take note of the food preferences and any dietary restrictions that your board members might have while ordering with any catering service, especially new board members that were just added. Kansas City Power and Light District


2. Inform Board Members of Details and Nearby Attractions

Nobody likes feeling like they are left in the dark. Failing to update members as needed will only create frustration and confusion before the meeting. Once you have secured your date, time and location invite your board members and give them all of the necessary details in order to get to the meeting successfully and on time. This includes parking/transportation information, building information, room specifics, and more. If they are new to the area where the meeting is being held, take the extra step in making them feel welcome and introduce them to what attractions the city has to offer. For Kansas City attractions, you can visit the KCI list of local hot spots and attractions within the Kansas City area. 


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3. Set Goals and Create a Meeting Agenda

Now that you have reserved and informed your board members of the details for the event, it is time to plan your agenda to have for yourself and the members. The purpose of this agenda should be to keep the meeting focused on the most important topics and to make sure that you are being respectful of time for all who are present. Organize and prioritize what you wish to accomplish on a document that can be distributed prior to and on the day of the meeting. When planning this agenda, keep in mind which topics may need more time to review. Points should be discussed fully, but not exhausted. As the leader of your organization, you are the moderator and must make sure that the meeting is an efficient and good use of the company time. Set goals before the meeting and ask your team if they have any additional points that they feel are vital to discuss while everyone is present. Lastly, it is important, especially for longer meetings, to also set aside break times (restroom, lunchtimes, necessary email responses, etc.). This will ensure that everyone in the room is fully engaged and without distractions. 


4.  Plan Ahead for Technology Usage

Including technology is a necessary component of being efficient and thorough with your meeting. While planning it is important that you are aware of the technological tools given by the meeting space. On the day of the meeting, it is important that you test all technology items prior to your board arriving. That way, if there are any issues you can consult the event and meeting services and adjust as needed. Being unfamiliar with the technology that you plan to use will result in headaches at the last minute. KCI Expo Center provides quality sound systems, LCD projectors, microphones, in each of their meeting rooms for the convenience of users.

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5. Make Your Board Members Feel Welcome 

When you make meetings interactive and begin with introducing new board members everyone involved will feel welcome and heard. One way that you can engage in a more interactive board meeting is by breaking up into smaller groups to discuss topics, possible scenarios, and values that are important to each person. Following small group settings, it is important to re-group and discuss the interactions at large. This interactive exercise will foster stronger relationships and allow you to see in a different light what goals the board members see for the future.


When you reserve an optimal location, keep individuals informed, follow a planned agenda, prepare for technology usage, and make your board members feel welcome, you will be sure to win the hearts and minds of those present. Follow these 5 tips in planning your next board meeting and find ease in reserving your space with KCI Expo Center today!