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How to Safely Attend Events Post COVID-19

The day is finally here, shops and businesses are allowed to reopen. People are allowed to converse in an area together, there are guidelines, but we are slowly but surely getting back to the normal. While this might be a new normal for us all, we can find solace in the fact that the time to move forward with what we have learned over the past few months has come. Take this opportunity to reflect and examine what we know about COVID-19 and what we can do to prevent the spread now that we are trickling out of our homes. It all starts with our patrons and ends when you come to KCI Expo Center for an event or meeting, but the important thing to remember is to stay home if you feel sick! Be aware of how you feel prior to leaving your home, this keeps you and others attending events safe. KCI Expo Center will take it from there. 

Staying Socially Distant 

While remaining 6 feet apart might seem difficult, and no, you don’t have to bring a tape measure every time you go out, it’s important to remember that keeping yourself healthy is a priority. Distance between people can prevent the spread of germs in the air, and even when sometimes it’s just not possible, making sure that you are aware of those in your immediate vicinity keeps you AND those around you safe. When applying those recommendations to meetings and in-person events, it’s feasible to just be mindful of those also attending. For a good rule of thumb, remember that you want to avoid getting close enough to exchange the same air and droplets with others. According to the CDC, keeping groups of people minimized will also help keep the spread. KCI Expo Center is dedicated to keeping our protocols in place so you can safely attend our events! 

Masks, Gloves, and Hand Sanitizer 

Making sure you stay healthy goes farther than just keeping your distance! When you know you are going to attend a meeting or host an event with multiple people, remember to keep the tools you need to sanitize on your person. Masks help to prevent the transmission between one or more people, and gloves help to keep your hands clean (remember to not touch your face!). Bringing these items with you when attending events help keep you and those around you healthy. Having these safety protocols in place allow people the freedom to walk around and interact with others without the risk of potentially catching something. Hand sanitizer helps when you feel as though you touched a possibly contaminated surface, and keeps you clean when you are with others. Not only that but when you come to KCI Expo Center, we are ensuring our cleaning and sanitizing duties are done frequently and thoroughly. 

What to Expect from KCI Expo Center

KCI Expo Center is dedicated to keeping our attendees healthy. We will be following Kansas City and Platte County guidelines. At this current moment, the county is set to reopen for events and meetings May 31, 2020. Opening up our spaces so you feel safe is the utmost priority for our staff and organization. We hope to see you soon, we will have our upcoming schedule and rerelease of events posted as soon as possible! Thank you for staying safe and indoors during this time. 


For more information regarding the Missouri and Kansas City reopening guidelines, visit the City of Kansas City Government website and the Show Me Strong Recovery Plan for Missouri.