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Top 2020 Travel Destinations Leaving From KCI Airport

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With the new year comes new goals. Whether that means going to the gym or eating healthier, a top resolution is often making the effort to travel more. At KCI Expo Center, we understand catching the travel bug, especially because our event space is located so close to the KCI airport! This month, we have put together a list of the top travel destinations of the year so you can finally go on your dream vacation. Some places you might have never thought of for yourself! And before you take off, be sure to check out hotels near the Kansas City Airport. We always recommend staying in our adjacent hotel, Holiday Inn KCI Airport. 

Maybe you want to travel stateside, or maybe you want to take the next 747 to a far off location somewhere else on the globe. There’s no wrong answer to finding a place for some much deserved rest and relaxation. Check out this list to find unique inspiration for your next trip out of Kansas City: 


Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe in California is a beautiful destination all year round. There are picturesque ski slopes for winter, deep blue lakes for summer, and colorful landscapes in the fall. Northern California is rarely thought of when considering the Sunshine State as a part of your vacation plan, but it really should be. The scenery alone is enough to pull your interest. The opportunities for outdoor activities are endless, so if you are a junkie for everything outside, Lake Tahoe is definitely the place for you. Traveling from KCI Airport is easy and effortless, with just one connecting flight before landing in Reno. 


Savannah, Georgia

This Georgian town is the perfect destination to experience the old school charm of the Southern United States. With a rich history and culture, Savannah is a beautiful city to vacation in. The story of this town goes all the way back to 1733, so the deep roots here are definitely something to explore. Not only that, Savannah has a nearby beach destination called Tybee Island. Two vacation spots in one? Sign us up. Flights leaving Kansas City International to Savannah are a dime a dozen, with no layovers! We love nonstop flights. 


Breckenridge, Colorado

Colorado is well known as a popular vacation spot, usually for other recreational activities, but that’s none of our business! There are many other exciting things that this state holds.  Breckenridge is nestled in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. This town is perfect for a snowy getaway and looks exactly like a Christmas card. Skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are included for the most ideal winter vacation. However, if you aren’t a winter weather person, Breckinridge does not fall short in the amount of summer activities. Check out the hot air balloon rides and camping opportunities while you’re there. While Colorado is close enough to make a road trip out of it, we suggest taking the nonstop flight from Kansas City. Not only is it nonstop, but it’s also budget friendly too. 


Page, Arizona 

Have you ever seen the stunning pictures of rock formations and smooth canyon walls? If you have, this is the city you’re looking for. Page, Arizona is the home of the famous Antelope Canyon. However, to take a tour of this natural wonder, you have to book a guided tour with the Navajo Nation. No exceptions. But that’s not the only Grand Canyon spot to see! This city is right on the edge of Horseshoe Bend, Tower Butte, and the nearby Lake Powell, so there’s plenty of natural beauty to go around. Northern Arizona is perfect for anyone and everyone that wants to take in the majesty of the southwest United States. Don’t forget, half the park is after dark! When flying out of Kansas City International Airport to see this natural wonder of the world, you’ll only have to make one pitstop in Phoenix. Don’t worry, the destination is absolutely worth it. 


Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is a famous hub of the Midwest. Known as Motor City, Detroit has a history that is filled with ups and downs, and now the sprawling metropolis is having a comeback. You can explore the colorful downtown area, visit museums, like the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation that showcase the great diversity in industry, or explore the musical history of the city by visiting the Detroit Opera House for a classical performance. During the summer, taking a stroll down the RiverWalk is a must-do. Lining the river is a host of restaurants, shops, parks, and areas for public performances. Detroit might not have been on your list of cities to see in the U.S., but it absolutely should be. Since Detroit is right here in the Midwest, flights out of Kansas City happen almost daily! Check them out to see all of your options. 


Quebec City, Canada

Often considered to be the Paris of North America, Quebec stands apart by having an old world and European charm, plus it’s right across the border! This city celebrates its French heritage wholeheartedly, as the language most commonly spoken here is French. Plus, during the winter you can experience the country’s only ice hotel! Since the city is also so close to Niagara Falls, you can experience the Montmorency Falls (these are a whole 30 meters taller than Niagara). There are events for all four seasons which makes Quebec City a great place to visit year round. Luckily, flights from Kansas City’s airport to Quebec City happen year round as well! 


Cyprus Island

Step aside, Greece! Cyprus Island is the new seaside Mediterranean destination. It’s perfect for first time international travelers. According to the European Union’s 2012 barometer, 73% of the country speaks English. The weather is beautiful, as the island receives about 300 sunny days a year, so you can keep swimming in that beautiful blue ocean well into October or November! Within Cyprus is the last remaining divided city in the world, the United Nations recognizes one side of the capital city Nicosia as the Republic of Cyprus, while the northern part of the island is still Turkish territory. This can be seen by a buffer zone that runs through the capital. With delicious food, beautiful beaches, lack of tourists, and a rich history, this city is definitely a worthy destination. This might be the longest flight on our list, but we promise Cyprus Island is well worth the wait. Check out the flights headed out of Kansas City International in February! 


Jalisco, Mexico 

While Jalisco is not a city (it’s a northwestern region in Mexico), this state is most well known as the birthplace of mariachi and tequila. It’s also home to the popular beach destination of Puerto Vallarta and the capital city of Guadalajara. You can experience the true culture in small villages around the capital, or be fully immersed in the many all-inclusive resorts along the coastline. The small town of Tequila, Mexico, aptly named for the many tequila ranches and the blue and gold landscape, can be reached by train and is a designated Pueblo Magico (Magic Town) by the Mexican Secretariat of Tourism. The wonders of Jalisco are truly endless, which makes this region a perfect place for travel. To make finding flight details easier, we suggest departing from Kansas City International and landing in Puerto Vallarta. 


Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland is the northernmost capital in the world. While this may deter some travelers, this slightly chilly climate has an insane amount of potential. The downtown area has a very interesting and artsy scene, bursting with galleries and intimate concert venues. For those with a little bit of an adventurous side, check out the incredible whale watching tours they offer along the coast to see the migrating pods of orcas swimming nearby. Iceland is also known for their geothermal spas, The Blue Lagoon being one of the largest. Kick back and relax just like the Icelandic locals. To sell you even more on this magical destination, this is a perfect location for hunters of the elusive Northern Lights. Luckily for our Kansas City locals, Icelandair offers flights right out of our very own Kansas City International Airport! They might have a quick stop in Seattle, but you’ll quickly be on your way. 


Cinque Terre, Italy 

When thinking of the coastal fishing towns of Italy, people often think of the Amalfi Coast. While beautiful, we decided to take you away to a quieter, more romantic, and pastel version of these quaint seaside villages. Cars have been almost completely banned from this Italian oasis for decades, making the main mode of transportation the 19th century train line. Go on wine tastings while looking over the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and take strolls through historic villages filled with life, or visit the beach in Monterosso. This is the perfect string of villages to experience both land and sea, and we highly recommend it. International flights may seem daunting, but flying out of Kansas City International Airport is a breeze. 


That wraps up KCI Expo’s list of travel destinations for 2020. We hope you take our advice and jet set your way from the KCI Airport to one of these stunning vacation spots. Don’t forget to send pictures!