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Rules & Regulations

  • Loading & unloading is available in the back of building. Parking is only permitted during that time. All other parking is prohibited. No parking at any time in areas marked as Fire Lanes.
  • Holes may not be drilled, cored or punched in building.
  • No adhesive backed decals or similar items may be distributed or used in the building.
  • Decorations, signs, banners may not be taped, nailed, tacked stapled or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, doors, painted surfaces or columns. Please check with building management for proper procedures.
  • No carts, hand trucks with hard wheels are permitted on carpeted surfaces.
  • Animals are permitted in building only with prior approval through management.
  • Combustion engines may not be operated on Exhibit Hall Floor or in lobby areas.
  • Vehicles on show floor must have battery cables disconnected, no more than (1) gallon of gasoline in tank. Gas caps must be taped. Parked vehicles on show floor must have plastic under them due to oil and grease protection.
  • Propane tanks may not exceed 205 pounds LPG capacity and must have a 2A10BC extinguisher and required approval from Fire Marshall.
  • All draping material etc. must be flame retardant.
  • Dirt, sand, mulch or any other landscaping products may not be shoveled onto or otherwise be placed directly on the concrete floor of exhibit hall. Protective plastic must be used underneath all such products. Planting, fountains, etc. must have waterproof plastic material underneath.
  • No paint, tape or tape residue should remain on show floor after move-out is completed.
  • The Fire Marshall must approve all displays & demonstrations involving flammable, combustible liquid.
  • Objects cannot be placed against outer walls, i.e. tables.
  • Painting of materials, objects are not allowed.
  • Wall mounted fire extinguishers and standpipes must not be covered up.
  • Electrical connections must be handled by building operations manager.
  • No combustible material, hay, straw, excelsior, corn shucks, firewood will be allowed in the building without management approval. Materials must be treated.
  • No structure shall be constructed or brought into the exhibit hall with an enclosed roof area of 100 square feet or greater.
  • All emergency fire exits must be free of obstructions permitting a free egress at all times in case of emergency.
  • Pursuant to Kansas City, Missouri Ordinance the entire facility is a smoke free establishment.

View the Facility Brochure (PDF)