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When it comes to choosing a location for a meeting, many companies or nonprofits are opting to do the meetings via conference call, facetime, or skype. But what many of these companies don’t realize is that even though they may be saving money and time, it comes at the cost of their board members attention and investment in the company. At KCI Expo Center of Kansas City, we believe that the best use of your time as a CEO is spent in person with your board members.

Here is why Kansas City is the best location for your meetings:

1) It Is Centrally Located


Having a meeting at KCI Expo Center, especially a board meeting, is great for companies with board directors that live all over the country. Kansas City is a central location with a large airport, so many directors fly direct with short flight times. It’s the perfect location between board members that live on the west coast in California, and those that may live on the east coast in New York City. The Kansas City International Airport has all major U.S. air carriers and has over 400 flights daily with nonstop service to over 50 destinations. The KCI Expo Center in Kansas City is also one of the only meeting space locations closest to the airport that has all the amenities your board members will need.


2) It Has All The Amenities


If you have busy board members that are traveling frequently, the KCI Expo Center is a great meeting space location because it has all the amenities you need on-location. Very few meeting spaces in Kansas City have the following:


  • Near the airport
  • Free shuttle service
  • Adjacent Hotel
  • Full-service catering
  • On-site Restaurant
  • Custom audio visual for basic or advanced requirements
  • LCD projectors, microphones, and an in-house sound system
  • 10 meeting rooms range in size from 260 sq ft to 6745 sq ft.
  • Accommodate 10 to 650 with theatre style seating or 20 to 350 with banquet seating
  • And more


3) It Promotes Progress And Communication

Finding a meeting space for in-person meetings is crucial to promoting progress and communication from your board members. When a meeting is via conference call, it gives board members the opportunity to “check out” and focus their time on other items they are working on vs. being invested in the call and how they can improve the company or non-profit. Having a meeting in-person at KCI Expo Center in Kansas City lets board members do the following:

  • Express their viewpoint through words and body language
  • Understand face to face conversation in case of technical issues with phones/video conference
  • Board members are less distracted


4) Kansas City Has Plenty To Do


If you have extra time in the city and are looking for places to visit with the team, you’ve come to the right city. Downtown Kansas City is just a short 15-minute drive from the KCI Expo Center. Enjoy the nightlife at the Power & Light District, an eight-block entertainment area with restaurants, bars, and live events. Kansas City is known for its barbeque and steak, so be sure to eat at one of our top barbeque restaurants. Not in the mood for barbeque? Visit the Country Club Plaza to see its beautiful Spanish architecture, local retailers, and an amazing selection of restaurants.


Why It’s Important to Have Regular Meetings:


The purpose of a meeting, especially with your board of directors, is to provide oversight over the activities and affairs of the company or the non-profit. The board is there to help the CEO and other teammates make important decisions for the company to help it grow and succeed. It’s important to have regular board meetings because you need their expertise and connections, and they are useful to move things forward for the business. Schedule board meetings at the KCI Expo Center throughout the year based on action items you need to get done. Important meetings include electing officers, the annual board meeting, approving the annual budget, performance reviews, and more. Decide which meetings you’ll have throughout the year and set them in stone so that board members are held accountable to show up and show their willingness to give their expertise to the company. Develop a communications plan between the meetings to keep everyone up to date and engaged.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To learn more about meeting space in Kansas City at the KCI Expo Center, contact us today.

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