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Bleacher Rental

We offer up to four (4) portable bleacher seat sets available for rent. Each set of bleachers will hold as many as 300 people and are 45 feet in length. The bleachers are powered by a 12-volt system and can be set up by one person in about 10 minutes. These are perfect for any sporting events or large group gatherings! Please see the attached flyer or call the sales office for more information on the bleachers and how to rent. Discounts are offered to customers renting three or more bleacher sets. Local or out of town delivery options are available. Rental quotes are good for events that are 1-3 days long. Additional discounts are available when ordering more than 2 sets of bleachers for your event! Mileage pricing is based on the delivery distance from KCI Expo Center to your event location, while renting pricing does not include sales tax (8.475%).

Here at the KCI Expo Center, we care about your events. Whether they are at our facility or at another location, we are dedicated to giving you and your guests the best experience possible. Helping you achieve event success is one of our top priorities. No matter the size of the event, we are committed to helping you accommodate all guests and make sure they are comfortable. 

All of our bleacher rentals are available throughout the year and are completely customizable to cater to your event needs. Our representatives are ready to assist you with any questions you may have about our rental process! KCI Expo Center represents the Northland and the Greater Kansas City area, we can deliver bleacher sets to these areas.

Find out more about our bleacher rental details in the links below:

"Another excellent job from the staff at KCI Expo Center! From beginning to end, everything was awesome. Thank you for making our events so seamless." -Valerie B