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Additional Services

Bleacher Rental

We offer up to (4) portable bleacher sets available for rent. Each set of bleachers will hold as many as 300 people and are 45 feet in length. The bleachers are powered by a 12-volt system and can be set up by one person in about 10 minutes. These are perfect for any sporting events or large group gatherings! Please see the attached flyer or call the sales office for more information on the bleachers and how to rent. Discounts are offered to customers renting three or more bleacher sets. Local or out of town delivery options are available.

“The entire test was abosutely amazing. The weekend the competition the hotel accommodates us. Gave us a room to practice in. A big shout out to Scott, Jenny and Lynn. I think that they all went above and beyond to help our very large group feel welcome.” -Sarah A.