KCI Expo Center...An Easy Place to Meet!


Are you thinking about attending an event at KCI Expo Center? Read what other past attendees have said about attending our events. Popular events include the gun show, dance competitions, RK Prepper show, boxing shows, dart competition, and more. To view upcoming events, view our calendar.

Attendee Reviews:

Brian S: “I have recently visited the KCI Expo center for a gun show. The event space was very spacious with plenty of restrooms and adequate parking. They also have a small cafe which is better than a vending machine.”

Trevor H: “Located at the very North edge of Kansas City makes this expo center easy to get to from the airport, or one of the few interstates that are nearby. Ample parking, and places to eat close by make this an easy spot to spend the day during expo’s or other events.”

Domonique B: “Large, clean space! Great for large events.”

Concepcion A: “A place where more than one event can take place and the food for catering is awesome gourmet.”

Mighty Moe: “Awesome place for the gun shows and bike shows!”

Dillon H: “Went for a gunshow, temperature of the room was much better controlled than other venues i have been to.”