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How To Plan A Successful Meeting in Kansas City

How To Plan A Successful Meeting in Kansas City

Some meetings are easily planned while others, such as conferences, seminars and training days, require more time and effort. When planning a large meeting or conference in Kansas City, it’s important to control as many factors as you can through planning. Fortunately, it is much easier to structure a meeting for success in advance.

1. Identify the purpose

Before you start planning your meeting in Kansas City, it’s important to identify the purpose and type of meeting that is necessary. Then can you plan a meeting that achieves your objective or goal. These are a few of the categories of meetings that yours might fall under:

  • Information sharing.
  • Innovation.
  • Team building.
  • Decision-making.
  • Status update.

Introducing a theme for your conference or large meeting is important as it unifies all parties involved. It could be relatively broad and high level or much narrower. Themes help to connect ideas, get appropriate speakers and include the right people.

2. Expectations

When preparing for a large meeting or conference at the KCI Expo Center, it is imperative to have an agenda and be clear about expectations. For meetings, develop an agenda entailing what will be discussed and distribute it to attendees. Be sure to include times and topics. Creating an agenda will allow you to stay on topic during meetings. Mission statements are more helpful for conferences as they help events and sessions stay on track. When setting expectations and writing agendas, it’s a good idea to also send any and all required reading materials to participants. Preparation is key.

3. Technology and Equipment

As time has progressed, technology has become an integral part of our world. Use it. People are accustomed to seeing graphics or other visuals to accompany speeches or reports. Be sure to appeal to that mindset and incorporate those visuals when planning your meeting or conference in Kansas City. One thing that many tradeshows or large meeting space venues should offer is charging stations for your attendees to make sure their cellphones and laptops stay full charged on meeting days.

Decide if you’ll be using collaborative tools during your event and confirm with your meeting space that any equipment you need can be supported or provided. Testing the equipment and running through your visuals before the big day is another important step that is often overlooked, but can save you from running into technology-related issues during the event.

4. Venue and Accommodations

The KCI Expo Center is the perfect venue for your large meetings and conference room needs. Attendees are going to be enjoying each minute at your event when you pick the leading spot in Kansas City. Many vendors and meeting planners enjoy hosting their meeting at KCI Expo Center because the Holiday Inn is connected to it by exterior walkway and has a delicious on-site restaurant, Burger Theory. Meeting planners also choose the KCI Expo Center in Kansas City because of its central location, close distance to the airport, and many amazing choices for restaurants and things to do in the city.

5. Attendee Participation

While having the group as a whole is the primary goal of a conference or large meeting, splitting up participants into subgroups based on specialties, experience, and other criteria, can be surprisingly helpful. Subgroups can:

  • Create differentiated perspectives.
  • Give sides a chance to clarify their positions.
  • Organize complex plans into manageable projects.


There needs to be enough time allotted for these small groups to discuss their opinions and thoughts and then allow them to each have the chance to share their findings with the large group.

Running a conference or large meeting is hard and takes a lot of work, but the rewards are massive. When you have the help KCI Expo Center is able to offer in your quest for greatness, there is no need to worry. Contact us today to fulfill your meeting needs!

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Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center Picks Flyte Systems for Flight Information

Holiday Inn KCI Expo CenterFlyte Systems announced The Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center will install its FlyteBoard hotel flight information airline schedule system that also displays events for the KCI Expo Center and hotel meetings. The FlyteBoard shows real-time arrivals and departures at Kansas City International Airport with Doppler Radar for maximum guest convenience. FlyteBoard is developed by Flyte Systems, the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information.

“Most of our guests are experienced business travelers and our goal is to provide services that make their trip easier. Our new FlyteBoard with KCI Expo Center events and airline information will save them time,” said Irma Causevic, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center. “With FlyteBoard our guests will not have to open their tablets or handhelds to check flights or events. Hospitality is about offering service to travelers. This is why we are here.”

The modern 141-room Holiday Inn is directly connected to the KCI Expo Center, one of Kansas City’s premier meeting and event facilities. The property is near Kansas City International airport and is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation that includes its newest outlet, Burger Theory. A chic hamburger experience that features local craft beers and a fun outdoor patio area for relaxed dining.

“Flyte Systems worked with the Holiday Inn KCI to develop a display that delivers a spectrum of visual information its guests will value,” said Scott Triphahn, Flyte Systems vice president. ““We smooth the travel experience for people on the go. In addition to hotel flight information and events for the KCI Expo Center and the hotel, we will display an inset box for Burger Theory specials that will drive business – and incidental revenue – to the property’s bottom line. FlyteBoard will combine all the important information on one screen for maximum cost effectiveness.”


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Bleachers For Rent In Kansas City

Did you know that the KCI Expo Center does bleacher rentals in Kansas City? If you are needing bleachers for an event in Kansas City or the surrounding area, look no further!  The KCI Expo Center has four bleacher rentals and they each hold up to 300 people each.  Renting bleachers are perfect for the following events:

  • Sporting Events
  • Parades
  • Graduation
  • Rodeo
  • Corporate/Production Events
  • Concerts/Special Events

Bleach rental rates are based on the event, so please give us a call for a custom quote! (816) 891-7694

Bleacher Rental Kansas City






  • Highway towable for easy transport!
  • Vertical Guard Rails for safety. (Patent No. Des. 404-141)
  • Hot-dip galvanized guardrail
  • Heavy I-Beam main frame
  • Aluminum seats & walkboards
  • Full 24″ row spacing for today’s taller people
  • LED Stop, Turn, & Clearance lights
  • Electric brakes all 4 wheels
  • Tongue telescopes in and can be easily removed
  • Stabilizing jacks operate from standing position. (Patent No. 6,499,258)
  • Hydraulic folding mechanism powered by 12 volt system (self-contained battery & charger)
  • Meets most of the recent safety codes.

Vertical bar guard rails discourage climbing and reduce liability.
Either ball or pintle hitch available.
Electric Brakes, LED Stop, Turn and Clearance Lights are standard on all models.
A central Aisle and sturdy Handrail are good safety options.

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Call (816) 891-7694 for a custom quote on bleacher rentals in Kansas City!